I’m sorry that it has been forever since I’ve written a blog post. To be honest, 2021 was a roller coaster year of tremendous high’s, low’s, with no space for writing fun or funky blog posts. My personal glitch included surgery in August, and daily radiation in November. Despite a shortage of family doctors in Victoria, and the ongoing strain from the pandemic, the transitions through each phase of the journey were seamless and I’m grateful for our medical system. B.C. Cancer Agency’s staff were so friendly and supportive, it felt like a happy outing, and saying “good-bye” after day 20 was sweet parting.

December’s “Cozy Winter Night II” show at Hermann’s Jazz club was a perfect way to finish off a busy year. Getting through health challenges made me bold, and we offered 3 new songs that night. Live-streamed, and an incredibly supportive audience in the club made for several magical musical moments. Bliss lasted well into the new year. Then, reports from docs with clear and healthy prognosis gave a renewed sense of purpose for this singer’s calling.

Here we are, February, and Nina Simone’s birthday on the 21st means that it’s time to pay tribute. Ashley Wey will join me on piano. Her husband, superb bass man Louis Rudner will keep me grounded. Damian Graham, drummer extraordinaire and comedian-on-the-side keeps it light. Meanwhile, the December gig’s crowd went so ga-ga over violinist Richard Moody that it was clear he’d be joining us again.

From Cozy Winter’s Night 1, 2019

We do hope you can make it, live in person at Hermann’s Jazz club, 753 View Street, Victoria, B.C., on February 19th, 2022, from 7 to 9 p.m. If you can’t make it to the club, please join us to the live-streamed version, available through the Hermann’s Jazz Club website. The recorded show will also be up on Youtube indefinitely. Please contribute to the live-streamed program as you’re able: it helps musicians put food on the table and encourages us to keep playing. Designated donations to the JazzOnView society help keep the club running.

Regarding Nina and this show: a couple years have passed since first offering this tribute. After George Floyd’s murder and the resurgence of the BIPOC right’s movement, Ms. Simone’s work has more relevance than ever: she was incredibly brave and brilliant. I look forward to delivering the hard-hitting lyrics of her civil rights’ era pieces and tender renditions of her love-song covers. If you’re coming to the show with a group of friends, you’d be wise to book your table in advance. http://www.hermannsjazz.com Go to “Shows”, find Feb. 19th, and you’re golden.

Nina Simone, pianist, songwriter, singer, performer extraordinaire. 1933 – 2003

With heartfelt thanks for your continued support.