Good Monday morning!

Here it is!  The long-awaited new website!  Thank you with a basket full of roses to Jazmyn Rusnack, website builder and friend, for this beautiful launching pad.

I will be using this blog space to reach out to you, and share what I think is worth sharing.  There’ll be many facets, from how to hem pants correctly, to a great stretch, to how to lengthen the breath, to how to get out of a rut, for an odd example compilation.   You might know that I’m a yoga teacher as well as being a singer.  All of this compliments one another:  grounding, singing, connecting, being present, presenting.  Yes!

I will be uploading the songs to iTunes as the next step, and then choosing whether we go to Patreon, or investigating other options out there.  For now, please enjoy the new site.  Thank you, Deborah Price Photography for beautiful photos.  Eventually, we’ll also place a gallery for performance shots as they happen.

Most importantly, I want to say “Thank you”, to you, and you, and then all of you, for your wonderful support and positive energies that have held me whilst I forge this path.  This website, my singing, the cd, the video making, would not be occurring if you were not here to bounce back at me with the whisper “yes”.  For that and more, I say with love,  thank you.