New event!

Happening at Hermann’s Jazz Club in Victoria on Thursday September 19, 2019, I am ecstatic to collaborate with these incredible musicians and stunning human beings. There’ll be a diverse offering of jazz standards, some contemporary pieces that came out of the Nina Simone tribute work, and enough of my original pieces that everyone will be delighted at some point in the evening. The men are wizards in their craft, so of course they’re invited to do an instrumental piece in each of the two sets. All you have to do is lean back, soak it in, tap your toes, ond say “oh yeah!” when you’re moved. You know how much I love your good energy.

Concert Members – Michael Creber, piano.

How is a Grammy-nominated, conductor/composer/producer/sunning pianist joining me for this evening? Seriously, Michael Creber has played with K.D. Lang, Andre Bocelli; recorded oodles of albums; composes for television and movies and on and on. Check his website and be blown away. As one of the soloists for the 140 voice Island Soul Choir, my vocal offerings were supported by the amazing work of Mr. Creber, who has been performing with us at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo for the last few years. Then, within the July SongRoutes vocalist camp at Gambier Island, he accompanied me for a concert piece. He’s so great to work with, I had the courage to reach out with my idea to collaborate. Voila! You get to enjoy the results.

Concert Members – Ken Lister, bass

Meanwhile, Ken Lister, Juno-award winning bassist, instructor at Vancouver Island University, sought-after performer and yoga teacher and I have known each other much longer. Those precious years between the age of 18 and 22, I sang with Ken’s wife, now choral director Rosemary Lindsay, at Cheesecake Etc. in Vancouver. In those days, Rosemary and I would serve a few tables, and then owner-pianist Michael Sims would invite one of us up to sing a few tunes for the restaurant’s guests. Eventually, Rosemary and I moved from Vancouver, but by keeping in touch, I got to know Ken throughout the years. He was wonderful on my debut album, First Off the Floor…in fact, check out his playing in this piece from our song together, More Than You Know Sublime bassist, yes?

Concert Members – Kelby MacNayr, drums

First experiencing Kelby’s drumming when Brooke Maxwell brought a band together to play at the Esquimalt United Church, I was hooked on this drummer’s infectious energy. From this initial meeting, I’d work with Kelby at the Tom Vickery Jazz Jam at Hermann’s. Kelby was often in the house band at that time, and I always leaned into him for advice. Kelby has played on and served as a mentor on both my albums, and we’ve collaborated on many other projects. I am forever grateful for his sound advice, creative wizardry, cheerful demeanour, and wicked drum solos.

Concert Members – Lorraine Nygaard, singer

As for this singer? Well, the Nina Simone tribute shows in the spring were an important learning opportunity for me. The sold-out crowd at Hermann’s was supportive, and an essential part of what makes a great night. Thank you again everyone, for your attendance. Maybe we all learned something then…Nina was huge for pushing through barriers and ideals, and she made things work because she believed in her calling, especially her civil right’s work. Finishing the live recording show in late May, I was then pedalling my bicycle north to Stewart, B.C. Along the way, I was learning much about our first peoples, myself and my vocal work. Back in Victoria, there’ve been a couple really good gigs, tons of meditation within summer gardening, and now, I’m just looking forward to singing for you on the 19th.

Concert Details –

You can reserve ahead of time through the Hermann’s website:, or buy at the door of 753 View Street. Doors are at 5:30. I have every intention of starting on time, 7:30, finishing at 10 p.m., with one break in the middle. Tickets are $20 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via