New Song 'Offline'

Now Available For Download

About the Artist

Lorraine Nygaard began her professional music journey in 2009.  Even with many years of singing experience prior to that, she didn’t know that singing was her true calling. As early as 4, she loved creating commercial jingles. Participation in school choirs with solo work led to singing regularly at Cheesecake Etc. in Vancouver while attending college.   Fast forward to her debut album in 2011: her style is friendly and warm, with jazz renderings that tell our stories of both happiness and struggle. Heartfelt and meaning, her songs’ power will ignite you!

New Release

‘Offline’ is one of Lorraine’s first “grown-up” songs, springing straight from her heart.  From the Album, On The Edge, this yearning for connection resonates with all of us as we consider the impact of the online world we live in.
We hope it moves you as well!

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