Are you someone that made a New Year’s resolution? How did it go?

The turn of the year sees us with a sense of a fresh start, and anticipation of the clean slate that will make this the great year. New faces at the gym, with a renewed sense of purpose show up in the last week of December. However, by the 3rd week of January, most of them have stopped coming. February then, having sifted through the remnants of the turn of the year, shines a light on our true intentions

Heading down another fork in the road in early January, imagining that my life would be improved by doing so, it wasn’t long before discerning that it was not where I was supposed to be going . By the third week in January, an empowered vision to focus on my real trek was made clear. Yes! I’m ecstatic to be working seriously on the repertoire of Nina Simone, studying her life to the best of my abilities, and preparing a tribute concert. This is something that was a wee seed in the brain over 3 years ago, and it’s enriching and enthralling to be learning so much. She had an amazing, unique life, and was a gifted artist and performer.

Thursday April 18 is the first gig in a long time at Hermann’s Jazz Club, and I’ll deliver these new-to-me Nina pieces to you then. Sometime shortly thereafter, a live recording show. Will you come to one, or both? I hope you can come to both. Stay tuned for details.

I posted the summaries of The Four Agreements on my fridge in mid-January, and it’s helping me with my life’s intentions. Why not give it a try? Have a fabulous February, and the best in 2019. <3